Save time, money and resources with Boxshipper Premium

Use our online calculator below to estimate your savings with a premium account and help us provide your bespoke pricing.

How much is Boxshipper Premium worth to your business?

We ask our premium partners to establish how much time and money is wasted annually delivering boxes and supplies to their customers. This often overlooked expense results in undetected financial haemorrhaging that directly affects your bottom line at a granular level.

Expenses to consider when sourcing and delivering packaging:-

  • Wages
  • Fuel costs
  • Insurance
  • Congestion charges
  • Fleet depreciation
  • Admin
  • Operations

These factors incur costs each time a packaging delivery is made, without fail.

Additionally, time spent dropping off supplies to customers averages 1 hour per trip, time which could be used on other jobs. How much is that worth to your company?

Fortunately, we have created the calculator below to instantly provide the answers.


Estimate of how much you can save and make with Boxshipper Premium

Above and Beyond

We are committed to establishing genuine long-term relationships with partners which maintain value by understanding your unique customer requirements. We then develop a bespoke premium service as an extension of your business, servicing your customers packaging requirements on your behalf.

We ask partners what else they value from a dedicated packaging supplies concierge beyond saving time, money and resources?

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Become aBoxshipper Premium Partner

  • Saving you time, money and effort
  • Branded boxes to your requirements
  • Other branded packaging
  • We hold your stock and ship on demand
  • Dedicated account managers and customer support
  • Exclusive Boxshipper premium platform
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